3 Ways to (Virtually) Visit a College Campus

College campuses across the nation are closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Do not worry if your Spring Break campus tour trip was canceled, preventing you from visiting a college campus. Here are some things you can do while taking an “E-Learning” break to experience a college campus.

Research College Websites

Research majors that might be of interest to you. Read about them and take notes. Write down information to compare majors/minors at each college. Identify which schools offer programs that interest you. Consider emailing the local college admissions representative to ask further questions. This can show the college your ‘demonstrated interest’, while also receiving more detailed information regarding specific programs. If you are interested in learning more information that is not listed on the website, request a virtual meeting to further discuss their programs.

Virtual Campus Tours

Most, if not all colleges, will have a virtual campus tour on their website. This is not a replacement for physically walking the campus, but you can gain a sense of the school from watching the video. These videos are professionally created and can make any campus seem like the ideal one. This serves as a first step to previewing a campus. Schools will differ in their content, from a general overview, to others having specific areas of the campus (labs, dorms, dining halls, etc.).

Additional Websites for Tours

  • YouVisit.com – Professional campus tour, walking you around campus, in and out of buildings, just as if you were on campus, along with a tour guide to explain what you were seeing. Don’t forget to put on your VR goggles for some colleges.
  • YoUniversityTV.com – 5 to 7 minute videos that take you around campus while interviewing Directors of Admission, professors and students as they share their insights.
  • CampusReel.Org — A newer site that offers short, behind-the-scene videos created by current students aimed at prospective college students. These individuals have no official affiliation with the admissions office.

If you have additional information that can help families virtually visit campus during these times, please leave a comment or send me an email! (contact us)

Thomas Jaworski is the lead consultant of Quest College Consulting. He is an Independent College Counselor with over ten years experience in the college admission process as an Certified Illinois Teacher (Type 09) and Counselor (Type 73) while also a member of IECA and NACAC. For more information, you can visit his website at QuestCollegeConsulting.com or email him at tjaworski@QuestCollegeConsulting.com. Follow him on Twitter @Tom_QuestCC or on Facebook at Facebook.com/QuestCollegeConsulting

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