Kent State University

Located on a vast 866 acre campus, Kent State University is home to over 22,000 undergraduate students. It is ranked as one of the top 75 public research universities on the Carnegie Scale. Best known for Aeronautics and Fashion Merchandising and Design, KSU serves students with varied interests with 12 colleges and schools and over 250 potential majors. Located in Kent, Ohio, Kent State is 45 minutes south of Cleveland and 15 minutes east of Akron.

Aeronautics Technology
If a student sets their sights a little higher at Kent State, they can focus on one of five concentrations within Aeronautics Technology. At Kent State, students can major in Air Traffic Control (ATC), one of 35 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved collegiate programs in the nation. These positions are readily available after graduation. Most current ATCs are of retirement age due to the fact that they were hired after President Reagan, in 1981, fired any ATC who went on strike because he felt they were creating a threat to public safety.
Other notable programs in this school are Flight Technology where students fly two hours a day and Aviation Management where students earn a business degree in aviation.
The Aeronautics Technology program is not to be confused with an Aeronautical Engineering program. At Kent State, the program is designed to be highly technical and of precise nature for aerospace design and manufacturing
The Fashion School
The Fashion School of Design and Merchandising at Kent State University is the 3rd ranked program in the nation and 13thin the world. The Fashion School has graduates highly sought after by many national companies. Their connections to many elite Ohio companies such as Joanne Fabrics, Abercrombrie & Fitch, Express and even the Cleveland Indians. These connections are important because an internship is required in the program. KSU provides an industry liaison to present updates on the job market and offer internship information.
At the end of program, students enroll in a Professional Seminar. Here, students gain practical information in the fashion industry. This final program course is designed to combine all the student’s coursework in order to create a catalog and a personal line of clothing. The student will then design marketing materials and a portfolio for future use in this industry. Most work done in this Senior Seminar helps in the design and staging of the annual program fashion show. Other unique courses students can take in the program are Buying, Event Production and Presentation.
College of Architecture and Environmental Design
This very intense, hands on 4+1 program (student will earn and undergraduate and graduate degree once completed) has a competitive admissions process, with ninety freshmen receiving direct entrance into the graduate program. All board reviewed applications must meet these minimum requirements: top 20% of high school class, SAT 1180+ or ACT 25 + (with Math and English both needed above 25) and at least a 3.0 high school GPA.
If admitted into to this competitive program, students will learn the fundamentals in architectural design, theory and history. As the coursework progresses, students will develop their skills in design and building technologies. Their program concludes in an Integrated Design Competition Studio. This program encompasses the knowledge acquired at KSU brought out in the studio experience.
Out of State Scholarships

Kent State University is currently addressing the geographic diversity of their campus by creating the University Award. This $3980 scholarship is available to all non-Ohio residents who meet the basic university entrance requirements. This generous scholarship reduces the cost of attendance for out-of-state students to approximately $22,000 a year. Other potential scholarships available for one-half of the out-of-state surcharge are the President Scholarship for higher academically earning students or the President Grant for a child or stepchild of a Kent State graduate. During the 2012-2013 school year, Kent State awarded up to $325 million respectively.

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