My Campus Visit to Monsters University

Have you heard the hype surrounding this highly selective school? Since it has been in the media lately, I decided that it would be in the best interest of college bound families to visit Monsters University. Opened in 1313, this private, pan-educational 268 acre campus of over 12,000 undergraduates is located 2 hours from downtown Monstropolis.

Monsters University is considered a highly selective school that seeks only the most qualified applicants. To be considered for admission to MU, students need to submit the following:

· A completed Monsters University application (MU is not a Common Application school).

· Write a thorough answer to the following essay, “What I learned when I wasn’t learning – the value of education outside of the classroom.”

· Submit their Monster Aptitude Test (MAT) score.

According to the school website, MU does not have a minimum MAT score; they review each student’s application holistically. The median MAT score reported for accepted students is in the top quartile, with most students being Scaretorians of their high school.

Monsters University does offer academic scholarships and/or need-based financial assistance. According to their website, over half of the students who attend MU receive financial assistance.

Students of every shape, size, color and texture can find their calling at Monsters University with 5 different schools. Most known for their School of Scaring, MU offers students the opportunity to craft their skills and prepare for careers as prestigious monsters. The rigorous coursework, along with renown faculty research has made MU the top rated school 143 years in a row, according to the annual “Scaring Edition” of Monster News & Report.
In this prestigious program, students will participate in a general curriculum that includes the theory of scaring, scaring training using classical techniques and the different approaches of fear. This rigorous coursework prepares students to become the most elite scarers in the world. MU also offers Master’s and Doctoral level coursework in their School of Scaring.
The Monsters University Blue are an athletic force, consistently finishing atop the Monsters Athletic Conference (MAC). MU fields competitive teams in the following sports: football (with an annual game against rival Fear Tech), swimming, lacrosse (either as a competitor or used as a stick), ping pong (table tennis), cheer (with their famed Cheer-Amid) and chess. The most competitive and successful team at MU has been the crew/rowing. The Rowing Blue have been winners of 17 of the past 20 national titles. This program dominates the opposition in both the 1 monster 6 arm and 6 monster, 1 arm competition.
At Monsters University, learning does not just take place inside the classroom. There are plenty of opportunities for the students to grow holistically. As MU is a mostly residential campus (84% of students live on campus), the school ensures there is a place for everyone to live, from aquatic to nocturnal students. MU students complete an entrance survey in order to appropriately match roommates.
Greek life is also a big aspect of MU. 18% of students belong to a house. This experience provides students the opportunity to bond with each other in the appropriate Greek community house. The twelve officially recognized Fraternity and Sorority houses along Greek Row on the campus of MU compete in the annual tradition of Scare Games.

Of course Monsters University is not a real university. Unfortunately I did not visit this fictitious school, but the thought of walking the campus would be a most interesting experience! I hope you have been out visiting college campuses as I have. Keep following this blog to read more of my recent campus visits to Ohio and Indiana.

Information gathered for this blog post were found at the website for the Disney-Pixarmotion picture, Monsters University (

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