The University of Dallas

Established in 1956, the The Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business

Located 10 miles northwest of downtown Dallas, the college of business offers many unique opportunities. A new Orange Line DART station was recently built, allowing students public transportation access into Texas’ largest city. This affords students the opportunity to network and intern at many leading Dallas companies. A recent $12 million donation will allow the building of SB Hall, a state of the art business building, to house the AACSB Accredited Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business.

Core Curriculum

In their underclassman years, every UD student enroll in the same 60 credit hours of coursework. These core courses begin with Ancient Greece and Rome, progressing into the thoughts and traditions that built Western culture. The foundation of this curriculum is the Great Books program. Students read and dissect texts that were written by the most influential scholars of history, “from Homer and Virgil, to John Milton and Rene Descartes.” This core curriculum exposes students to a common body of knowledge, allowing professors to teach course across the curriculum. This reading and writing intensive core is equivalent to an Honors College at most schools. After a student completes these required courses, they may declare their major.

Faith Based Campus

83% of students on campus identify as Roman Catholic. Non-Catholics are welcomed and included in the spirituality of campus. The Campus Ministry Department will help students seek out services at churches of their respective denominations. Even though there is a strong spiritual feel on campus, there is no required chapel services or hours as with many religious colleges. The idea of religion and trust is prevalent on campus. During my visit, this included leaving book bags, iPhones and tablets unattended in numerous locations, from outside the church, coffee shop and random hallways.

Roman Experience

In 1970, UD began the tradition of students studying abroad for a semester in Rome. The thought behind sending students (usually sophomores) was to provide them the opportunity to study the Great Books straight at the source, Rome. Included in this unique experience are trips to Greece and Northern Italy. The highlight travel experience is the 10 day break in which students are encourage to explore Europe and/or Asia on their own. This Roman experience has grown the UD study abroad program into a top collegiate program. In 1994, UD remodeled their Italian campus and dedicated it as the Eugene Constantin Rome Campus.

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