What Does a Horned Frog and College Have in Common?

The horned frog is the official state reptile of Texas while also serving as the mascot for all Texas Christian University (TCU) athletic teams. The term derives from the popular name for a lizard that has a frog-like body and snout. The nickname was selected by the TCU student body in 1897 when the school was located in Waco, Texas. Originally founded as AddRan Christian University in 1873, the 8,500 plus undergraduates of TCU are known for other things besides the horned frog mascot.


When arriving on TCU’s 325 acre campus in Fort Worth, Texas, the first thing one will notice are the numerous construction projects. According to the school’s website, the school has spent nearly $500 million in renovations in the past five years. The school will build one new dorm building for the next ten years and there are currently seven ongoing ‘major projects.’ The campus has changed drastically too in the last 10 years. The school’s website boasts that TCU is ‘not the place your parents went to.’


The student body and faculty are extremely proud of the purple and white of TCU. Ten years ago, students migrated off campus to live and socialize. With campus renovations, there is a large demand for upperclassman to remain on campus. This rekindled school spirit is easily noticeable as students and faculty walk around in purple, white and black to make for a warm and friendly campus environment. As I took the campus tour, then continuing to explore on my own, I failed to find an article of college clothing that was not TCU.


This newly renamed college honors CBS news journalist Bob Schieffer (TCU Class of ’59), offers courses in Journalism and Strategic Communication. The nationally recognized School of Journalism is one of the oldest in the nation, started in 1927. The TCU Daily Skiff, the student newspaper, has been published continuously since 1902. The college boasts a state of the art news room (Convergence Center), TCU 360 and 24/7 online news center both used to train students as professional reporters while preparing them for all future forms of journalism.

It was announced recently that the CBS Evening News will broadcast live on the TCU Campus.


Housed in this college are the schools of Music, Art, Dance (classical and contemporary), Theatre, and Interior Design & Merchandising. The school is nationally renowned in many areas, including the 2012 national champion drum line. Perhaps the hidden gem at TCU, the College of Fine Arts is often overshadowed in the press by the School of Communications and even athletics. The College of Fine Arts boasts working relationships with many of the major cultural events of the 5th largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Along with these opportunities, the arts programs offers numerous learning possibilities in numerous European nations.

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